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Ten Best All-rounders
Ten students who have excelled in various curricular and co-curricular activities during the academic year are selected as the ‘All Rounders’ of the year. The selection is based on points scored by the students for excelling in the academic field and other activities of the College. Guidelines for the selection of the ‘All-Rounders’ is displayed on the College Notice Boards at the appropriate time.

Best Outgoing Students
To encourage students to collaborate actively with the College activities, two T.Y. students, one girl and one boy, are selected and crowned ceremoniously as the Best Outgoing Students at the end of the academic year.The selection is based on the students’ involvement and active participation in various College programmes, during their three year career in the College. Other factors like good behaviour, academics etc. are also taken into account. The Convenors of various Associations, committees/Clubs/units along with the Principal decide on the selection.