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Scheme of Examination


Goa University has introduced Choice Based Credit System from 2017-18.
(Brief Summery AS per OC-66 of Goa University Ordinance)
There shall be two modes of evaluation of the academic performance of the students offering the B.A. /B.Com I B.Sc. course, namely, the Intra-Semester Assessment (I.S.A.) and the Semester End Examination (S.E.E). A student is required to appear for I.S.A. as well as S.E.E. A student who does not appear for a minimum of two ISAs of a paper shall not be eligible to answer S.E.E. in that paper.
Details regarding I.S.A., S.E.E. practical exams, passing in each head, improvement in score, mark sheets, supplementary exams and project work are printed in the handbook.
  • The assessment of all the courses including Dissertation shall comprise continuous intra Semester Assessment (ISA) and Semester-end Assessment(SEA) and shall be fully internal. In case of the Programme which are offered both at Goa University campus and at affiliated Colleges, the examination of core theory papers shall be conducted by the University and common Question Papers along with answer keys for SEA shall be prepared. The SEA of all Core, Practical and all Optical Courses including dissertations shall be conducted by the teachers as decided by respective DC/DFC.
    (a) Each teachers of the concerned Course shall be the examiner for the portion he/she has taught. The teacher/instructor of the Course shall be the Course Coordinator and shall Coordinate the teaching, examination and evaluation (both continuous ISA and SEA) of the Course and maintain record of all assessments/tests/examinations.
    (b) When more than one teacher is involved in teaching a Course, one teacher preferably a regular teacher from the Department shall be identified as the Course Coordinator by the DC/DFC.
  • In case of Programmes which are offered at Goa University campus and/or at affiliated Colleges, the assessment of SE Aanswer books of all core courses shall be done at respective Department or Colleges as the case may be in a manner specified in OA 18.5 (2) (e).
  • In case of the University Department, the respective teacher who taught the core course shall assess the answer books based on the answer key provided by the paper setters for the purpose. In case of affiliated colleges, the respective DFC shall decide the teachers for evaluation of core Courses depending upon the master panel of examiners specified in OA 18.5 (2) (e).
  • For the purpose of paper setting and evaluation of core courses, the concerned BOs shall recommend a master panel of paper setter and examiners comprising both external and internal (for the purpose of Co-ordination), which shall be placed before the Academic Council for approval. Under-graduate teachers in affiliated colleges with Ph.D degrees and at least three years of post-graduate teaching experience and teachers without a Ph.D. but who have 5 years of post-graduate teaching experience shall be eligible for inclusion in such a panel.
  • (a) The nature of assessments may be written/Oral, open/closed book, Schedule/Surprise, Objective/Multiple-choice, Short-answer type, Essay type, seminar, Assignment, Experimental work, Fieldwork, Viva-Voce, Peer group assessment, Class participation as described in the Course outline. (b) For each theory Course, a written or any other evidence-based component shall constitute at least 50% ofiSAand SEA.
  • A Course shall have a ‘single passing-head’ based on the combined performance at the continuous I SA and SEA. Fractional marks shall be rounded off to the nearest integer only at the time of calculating the Course grade.