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Ordinance OA-17 relating to Minimum attendance for eligibility to appear for Examinations conducted by Goa University

Objective: To ensure regular attendance during every form of interactive instruction pertaining to the teaching of all the Undergraduate and Post Graduate Courses offered by Goa University.


(I) Attendance criteria under this Ordinance shall be brought to the notice of all the enrolled students by the concerned Institution/Department at the beginning of the academic year and the same shall be enforced strictly. (ii) The teacher(s) concerned shall engage not less than the actual number of lectures practicals prescribed for the particular paper/course in the syllabus. The Principal or Dean of the College/Head of the PG Department shall ensure that the teachers in the College/Department actually engage not less than the actual number of lectures/ practicals prescribed for the paper/course. {Note: “course” refers to Laboratory Course/Optional Course/Compulsory Course or other similar instructional courses}.

(III) Generally, when a teacher misses some lectures/tutorials/ practicals one or more days then that teacher shall engage those lectures/tutorials/practicals on other day (s) and shall maintain the record of the same.

OA-17 .3 Attendance and eligibility to appear for Examinations (1) The attendance shall be taken by the teacher for each lecture/tutorial/practical or any other component of teaching separately. He/She shall maintain such a paper/course-wise Attendance register. (ii) Attendance shall be taken on a day to day basis for all the students and shall be cumulative of all the months of the Semester/Terms/Year (in case of annual examination), as the case may be, for deciding the eligibility to appear for the respective examination. The statement of the attendance shall be prepared paper/course-wise and month-wise and the same shall be displayed on the Notice Board. A copy of this statement shall be sent to the University for records.

(iii) If more than the prescribed number of Lectures! Practicals for a paper/course have been engaged by the teacher(s ), then, for the pwpose of compilation of attendance, the number of lectures actually engaged as well as attended shall be proportionately scaled down with respect to the prescribed number oflectures/practicals for the paper/course.

(iv) A student registered in a Semester/Term/Year, for any Course (degree or diploma), shall be required to have a minimum cumulative attendance of 75% of the total lectures and practicals prescribed for the course during that Semester/Term/Year. Although the attendance shall be cumulative for all the papers/courses taken together, in the given
Semester/Term/Year, a student shall be required to have a minimum of 50% attendance in any individual paper/course. (v) A student, having less than 75% cumulative attendance in a Semester/Term/Year and/or less than 50% attendance in individual paper/course, shall not be eligible to appear for that semester/Term! Annual Examination. Such student shall have to seek re-admission to the Course/Programme during the subsequent Academic Year/Term/Semester by paying requisite fees.

However, such student shall not be treated as fresh applicant for the admission if the re-admission is in the same institution. Readmission to professional colleges for the First Year of the course shall be as per the admission rules for these courses. These students shall not answer CET.

(vi) For s student registered for subject/subjects having practical component, attendance for both theory and practical component shall be treated separately for the requisite attendance mentioned above.

(vii) Attendance of a student in an institution for a course shall be transferred to another institution if the student continues the same course in the new institution.

(viii) A student representing the Institution /University/State/Country in extracurricular activities such as NCC/NSS/Sports/Cultural events, on
obtaining prior approval of the Principal/Dean/Head ofDepartment, shall be treated as “on duty .. at the lectureslpracticals missed by him/her and shall be marked as ‘D’ in the Attendance Register. Absence due to such activities shall be supported by docwnentary evidence issued by appropriate authority such as Commanding Officer ofNCC, Director of Youth Affairs, Director/Assstt. Director of Sports in Government/University or an authorized official of these and other similar bodies. However in such case, for the purpose of compilation of cumulative as well as paper/course-wise attendance, the number of lectures/practicals for the paper/course shall be calculated after adding the lectureslpracticals under ‘D’ and considered as such. e.g { (No. oflectures/practicals +D)+ (No. oflectures/practicals engaged) xlOO

(ix) Absence on medical grounds for more than four continuous working days is required to be supported with a Medical Certificate which should be submitted within seven days after rejoining the class. Absence on medical grounds shall be offset against the 25% concession in the attendance already granted. However, if such absence exceeds 25% and is found genuine, the student may request for the condonation of the same. The Principal/Dean/Head of the Department shall examine such absence on a case-to-case basis.

(x) Any case not covered under the above clauses but recommended by the Principal/Dean/Head of the Department for condonation shall be referred to a Committee consisting of
(i) Vice-Chancellor (Chairman), (ii) Registrar and (iii) Principal of the Institution/Dean of the College/Head of the Department concerned, as members.

(xi) For Courses which are governed by the regulations of central governing bodies such as MCI,DCI,AICTE,CCIM, the norms prescribed by the
respective bodies shall be followed with regard to the minimum attendance requirements.

(xii) A student, who has any grievance about the attendance record, may bring the same to the notice of the Head of the PG Department/Dean or Principal of the College, in writing, within three days from the date of its display on the Notice-Board. The Head of the PG Department/ Dean or Principal of the College on receipt of such a complaint, shall verify the accuracy of attendance records and allow the aggrieved student to inspect the records if necessary, and shall dispose of the complaint preferably within a period of seven days.