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Vision – Empowerment for social transformation through holistic education with a humane approach

Mission – To initiate positive social change through equal opportunity and diverse approaches, in a healthy, responsive & inclusive environment.

The Vision and Mission of this institution are attuned to promoting Equality and Social Justice through its curricular and co-curricular programs. Admissions in this college are open to all regardless of caste, creed or gender. The College strives to ensure that all its students, whatever their background may be, are not deprived, discouraged or disadvantaged in any respect as compared to other students anywhere else in the State. Equal opportunity and adequate facilities are provided to all students to participate in all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the College. Through the activities of the N.S.S. Unit, Legal Rights & Duties Awareness & Campaign Cell, and the Consultancy and Extension Services Cell and many other Co-curricular Associations/Clubs, students are made aware of inequalities and travesties of Social Justice in society and are exhorted to work towards their eradication. Literacy programs, Senior Citizens’ Rights Awareness Program, are two such examples.

The College provides a conducive and healthy environment for women students to pursue their higher education. This has attracted a large number of women students and they currently make up about 65% of the total number of students. The College strives to provide the right kind of environment that brings out the best in the students and staff of the College. There is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of gender, economic and social background, etc.

Holistic education is one of the components of the vision of this college. Hence, the College strives to foster among teachers and students, and through them in society generally, the integral development of values inherent in the physical, emotional, rational, aesthetic and ethical education. The College offers a study program in Environmental Ethics and also has a Value Education Cell which guides students towards the development of values. Prominent persons are invited to speak to students and staff on the cultivation of the right kind of values.

All activities of the College are conducted in a fair, rational and egalitarian manner with high moral standards, thus providing models for students in ethics and morality. The College integrates value education in its day-to-day activities thus making it a routine affair. The institutional vision is ‘Empowerment for social transformation through holistic education with a humane approach’. The entire working of the college is quality driven. The management of the college is the Government of Goa and comprises of the Secretary, Higher Education and the Directorate of Higher Education. There is total delegation of authority at all 2 levels. The heads of departments have freedom to frame timetable and allocating courses to teachers based on expertise. The college has numerous working associations, clubs and cells, each headed by a convener. They function in relative autonomy within the framework of the rules and regulations of the college. The Principal and the IQAC periodically review the activities. Delegation of authority has given an opportunity to the staff to imbibe effective management skills. This is evident by the fact that the college has groomed no less than four Principals in its 29 years of existence. The present Principal is assigned additional charge as Additional Director of Higher Education, Govt of Goa, and is involved closely with the formulation of policies for higher education in Goa. This is unparalleled in any other institute of the State. The college has a effective IQAC which plays an important role in Quality Assurance in all spheres.